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Your world did not join the galactic community peacefully or voluntarily. Your people were conquered and subjugated by a spacefaring occupying force covetous of a valuable resource or position unique to your world. But now they have retreated, and your people have inherited the detritus of their conquest. Will you establish your world as a member of the galactic community, or fall once again under the boot of your Conquerors?

Included is the 2 page playbook, and 1 page of supplementary material to inspire the creation of your game and provide extra Basic & Archetype Moves.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Impulse Drive Outpost.pdf 256 kB


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Questions for Diplomacy & Prominence

Love the playbook. <3

But in which situations do I use Diplomacy? In the rules I only found how to raise the Diplomatic value via Station Payment, but no "Diplomatic" Special Move that actually uses the value. Also what happens if the Diplomacy bar is full?

On the other way around Prominence is used in a lot of rolls but there is no systemic way to increase Prominence?

I would guess that Prominence could increase when the Diplomacy bar is full. Otherwise maybe it would work to only give out certain items, goods or mission after a certain Diplomacy threshold and to raise Prominence after something crucial happens in the story ( like the end of a season ).

This is how we having been using Diplomacy/Prominence as well. It makes the most sense for the playbook, for my money, though I would appreciate a confirmation/update from the creator.